Located on the North Central Expressway, Lantower Midtown sits at the nexus of Dallas’s most vibrant districts. You’re just minutes away from the city’s best cultural scenes, gourmet dining, and exquisite shopping experiences, making it the ultimate address for those who love to live at the center of it all.

Discover a Vibrant Community

Explore an eclectic array of dining options right outside your door. From trendy cafes and restaurants in Knox/Henderson to gourmet adventures in Uptown, Lantower Midtown is ideally positioned for culinary enthusiasts.

Shop in style at nearby NorthPark Center or the Shops at Park Lane, where you can find everything from boutique fashion to international brands. Lantower Midtown’s central location makes it a prime spot for those who cherish a vibrant shopping experience.

Leverage the proximity to Dallas’s bustling job market, with major employers in tech, finance, and healthcare just a short commute away. Lantower Midtown offers a strategic advantage for professionals aiming to thrive in the city’s dynamic economic landscape.